William A. Lincoln

[IMAGE] THE MARQUETRY MANUAL incorporates all the traditional ideas and practices of an exciting and challenging craft as well as all the current thinking, to bring you this state-of-the-art publication.

The book includes work for all levels of expertise - right from the beginner through to the experienced. It explains about the veneers to use, the choice of colours and grain patterns; how to create a Marquetry picture from kit form, and how to make up designs using your own ideas and more advanced and innovative methods.

Included are chapters covering perspective, shadows, reflections, art design and appreciation to help you produce 'works of art'. On the more practical side there is information on adhesives, presses, fret cutting, hand cutting, jigs to make, parquetry geometry, colour use and balance, finishing, framing - in fact all you are likely to need for successful Marquetry work.

The addition of a photographic gallery of prizewinning marquetarians' work in colour and black and white, completes this excellent manual.

WILLIAM LINCOLN, author of World Woods in Colour and The Complete Manual of Wood Veneering has had many years experience in the Marquetry and veneers world and for over 30 years headed the Art Veneers Company, specializing in supplies to marquetarians and woodcraftsmen on a world-wide basis. He also designed and produced for the furniture trade both applied and pictorial marquetry.

He was instrumental in bringing about the revival of Marquetry in the UK and served two terms as President of the Marquetry Society of Great Britain.

His first book Art & Practice of Marquetry (now out of print), was a world-wide best selling manual and considered for many years to be the Bible on the craft. ISBN 0-941936-19-8

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