Marie Campkin


I found this to be an excellent book. It covered all aspects of completing a marquetry picture in a very clear and simple manner. For someone who maybe just starting out to learn marquetry this would be a good book to follow. It has lots of photographs and drawings that demonstrate exactly what Marie Campkin is trying to explain to the reader. However, since the book was written in 1969, some of the materials, particularly the gluing and finishing products, have been updated and improved. For example, varnishes have been significantly improved over the years and is now considered a good finishing product.


Since it requires neither expensive equipment, physical strength, nor especial artistic talent, marquetry is an ideal hobby for both sexes and all ages, the active or handicapped, for those with much spare time or for those with little.

Marie Campkin has written this book to help those who, having become interested in marquetry, perhaps through working from prepared kits, would like to attempt something a little more ambitious, involving the selection of designs, the choosing of suitable veneers and the execution of the work. It is exactly this kind of instruction-together with information on how to avoid unnecessary pitfalls--which has here been provided.

Individual sections of the book include: The Figuring, Manufacture and Types of Veneers; Tools and Equipment; Designs; Cutting a Picture; Fretsaw Cutting; The Baseboard; Borders; Finishing processes; Applied Marquetry; Faults and Remedies; Historical Notes; List of Suppliers of Tools and Equipment and Reference Books.

About the Author:

Marie Campkin has been a member of the Marquetry Society since 1959 and was Chairman of the West Kent Group of the Marquetry Society from 1963-5. She was editor of The Marquetarian from 1965-7 and she has won a number of awards in exhibitions for marquetry.

B.T. Batsford Ltd.
ISBN 7134-24230, 1969


Marquetry is derived from the ancient craft of intrarsia, the creation of patterns and designs by the inlaying of different kinds of woods into a background. In marquetry the designs are made instead from thin wood veneers, which are now available in immense varieties of color and texture, requiring the simplest of tools, yet offering unending scope for the exercise of artistry and craftsmanship, using the most beautiful, varied and facinating of all natural materials - WOOD.

In recent years Marquetry has attained popularity as a hobby largley through the sale of kit sets, in which all the necessary materials including the veneers and design are provided.

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