Marquetry and Inlay Picture Making
John Angus Eifler

John has written an excellent book on the basics of Marquetry. Based mostly on his own research and experience this is a very complete coverage of all of the stages of Marquetry. It starts at the beginning with tools and materials right through the whole process to the finishing and framing.

After making his introduction in chapter 1, John demonstrated the use of his saw in chapter 2. The saw can be purchased from the same source as a copy of his book B&B Rare Woods. Chapter 3 gets you going. In chapter 4 John covers in detail the cutting of a piece of veneer. There are lots of photographs showing in detail what to do.

In chapter 5 John writes about the pattern. John recommends starting with a simple one, as he emphasizes that a picture with ten pieces or hundred has all the same steps. The use of the waster is explained in chapter 6 and in chapter 7 John talks about wood selection.

Cutting a picture, where do you start? Read chapter 8 to find out how John suggests you start. In this chapter, apart from all the detail photographs of each step, John also demonstrates a comfortable position to use his saw. In this chapter John takes you through all the steps of cutting the piece and putting a picture together.

In chapters 9, 10a, and 10b John deals with stringers, borders, and miters for both the left and right handed cutters. This is a very important stage of the process and extra care should be taken to learn how to do them properly, as a poor border will always spoil a good picture.

Chapters 11 to 18 covers the final stages of finishing, taping, filling, the press, laminating, tape removal, the back of the picture, edging, and sand finishing with a final wax coating. In chapters 19 and 20 John shows you how to make and add a molded frame to the picture and where to place the hanging wire. Finally in Chapters 21 and 22 John finishes off with some useful tips.


John Angus Eifler

I quote from his closing statements:

Making Inlaid Pictures and doing Marquetry in general is much fun and can be extremely rewarding. The satisfaction and fulfillment of creating a piece that is unique in the entire world is rewarding both to the creator and the recipient of that creation.


John uses a lot of his personal experiences in writing this book. It is an great book to get started with as it covers the whole process while pointing out a lot of the pit falls to watch out for. Plus, you get an opportunity to benefit from a customized saw to actually do the cutting.


Self published. Book obtainable from: B&B Rare Woods

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