Andreas Bauer

About the Artist:

Andreas Bauer was born 33 years ago in a small German village on the outskirts of Heidelberg. At the age of fourteen Andreas began his formal education with natural stones such as sandstone, granite and marble. He became an expert and worked in his fathers business.

He enjoyed the artistic and precision work with stones but became interested in working with a new medium. This is when he discovered Marquetry and the art of working with wood. Now Andreas spends most of his time concentrating on the Marquetry and his marble creations are all commissioned. Andreas and his wife Sarah live in Germany with their two daughters Nadja and Hannah.


About Marquetry:

As a young boy Andreas spent countless hours in the nearby forests observing nature and the native animals. He describes his relationship with the outdoors as being full with respect and admiration. This respect shines through to every inlay picture.
Expressing the unique beauty of wildlife through the medium of 100% natural wood is Andreas's aspiration and greatest challenge. Andreas has spent years learning to work with traditional inlay techniques. The actual name for the type of artwork is called Marquetry and is also commonly known as wooden inlay. Marquetry involves cutting out pieces of different types of wood and forming them together in order to create a picture. No paints or stains are used in the process. The creation of each masterpiece demands a vision, patience and dedication. There is special attention paid to every detail such as color, contrast, and shadows and this must all be found within nature itself (the pieces of wood).
Until a picture is completely finished with a solid rosewood frame the whole working process takes approximately one year. Each picture is a one of a kind original. Andreas's inlay works are unique in the world and are true investments. They are currently appreciated and desired by collectors and animal lovers worldwide.

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