Paul R. Dean

[Paul R. Dean] Hello and welcome to my work as part of the site dedicated to promoting the Art of Marquetry.

I was born July 31st, 1947 in Birkenhead (near Liverpool, just a few years after the Beatles), England. I attended local schools and the University of Liverpool. After working for a few years, I emigrated to South Africa. I lived there for 7 years, before I was transferred to Toronto in Canada. A year later, in 1979, I moved to Calgary, Alberta, where I have lived since.

I have been interested in the arts since my school days, enjoying both drawing and painting. While I was at school I was introduced to Marquetry. Marquetry is the art of making pictures using different wood veeners. By cutting them into various shapes and gluing them to a backing board the finished picture is sanded and then polished. I found myself immediately attracted to the media because of the look, feel and smell of the different veeners. There are more than hundred different kinds of veeners available from countries all over the world.
Select any of the pictures to view a larger image. Please note that since the images have been digitized the colours will not be accurate. However, these renderings will give you an impression of what the image looks like in real life.
Assiniboine Mountain in the Canadian Rockies
18 x 24, 1990
Skier at Sunshine Village, Banff National Park.
24 x 18, 1989
[Rock Isle Lake] MOON OVER ROCK
Rock Isle Lake, Sunshine Village, Banff National Park, Canada.
18 x 24, 1992
[Big Horn Ram] BIG HORN
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis)
24 x 18, 1990

[Emerald Lake] EMERALD LAKE
Emerald Lake, BC, Canada.
18 x 24, 1996

[Man and Baby] MAN AND BABY
24 x 18, 1987

[Girl with Rose] GIRL WITH ROSE
18 x 24, 1988

[Horses] HORSES
30 x 12, 1977

[Sailboat in Sun] SAILBOAT IN SUN
12 x 24, 1989

[Inside] INSIDE
30 x 30, 1988