[Wolfgang Spur] [Statua Modonna]
Wolfgang Spur was born in Czech Republic in the 1944. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Alto Adige (North Italy) where, since very young, he began to carve, following the artistic local traditions and practicing manual workmanship's technique in the course of his studies.
Since 1988 he lives and works in Salina, Aeolian Archipelago. He is married and has one three year old daughter named Maristella. Wood-carver activity often alternate with restoration but, first of all he likes to devote himself to decoration ( especially "Bauernmalerei") and marquetry, creating some original pictures and objects.
Casa Eoliana
[Casa Eoliana]
Rose Cornice
[Rose Cornice]
Marquetry works were produced in personal and collective Art. exhibitions in:
  • München (1978)
  • Iraklion (1981)
  • Roma (1986)
  • Spoleto(1988)
  • Salina.(1998)
His works are part of personal collections in München, Rome, Spoleto, Salina, Köln, St. Josè of Costa Rica, and Bogotà.
Vita Campagna
[Vita Campagna]
Illustration of Wolfgang's others activities: "bauernmalerei" (painting on furniture) and wood carving.
Artista (Bauernmalerei)
Statua Madonna
[Statua Madonna]
Click here to go to his site and see more of his work or to contact Wolfgang, mail to: WSpur@iol.it.