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Studio, School, Workshop

Alexander has provided training for many people who have gone on to become professionals in their own businesses.

In his workshop:
- Knives for veneer cutting are self made, base is from wood and blade is from R9 or R18 steel;
- Back of the picture is usually made out of MDF, plywood or block board which is glued with veneer around it;
- For gluing the veneers to the backing M60, M70 or PVA glue is used. depending on the glue different presses are used - cold or hot press;
- Surface finish mostly depends on personal preference, Alexander uses polish, wax and varnish. Most works are finished with varnish using polyester, polyurethan, acid varnish or shellac.

The amount of work involved in each piece varies. The Dining table and chairs consists of approximately 20,000 veneer pieces, 15 different types of wood (veneer). Considering this type of complexity piece Alexander will cuit and fit approximately 100 veneer pieces in one day.

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