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"Modern culture, being so pretentious and extremely complex, undergoes changes related to the manner of vision and perception of the world. The issue of handicraft and art, and their intermediate correlation has become especially topical nowadays.

The real value of the masterpiece in decorative and applied arts is rather defined by the artistry based on high professional level than by cost of materials used for such works of art. Until recently, intarsia (Marquetry) was mainly used as an element of artistic décor with limited utilitarian functions: decoration of furniture.

The Riga artist Alexander Ochakovskih reveals inexhaustible possibilities of this traditional technique, brilliantly employing its still - life qualities. The exquisite decorative art of wood mosaic experiences its new birth, considerably extending variety of its images in creative works of the author."- Arts Critic,Victoria Goluzeeva, Sanktpeterburg. 2009.

Alexanda Ochakovskih started Marquetry in 1975 and has developed his professional life based on his passion for wood and the art of Marquetry. Not only has he produced many pieces of art, both of an original nature and in reproducing art master pieces, he has developed a studio where he has trained more than 30 other high-level professionals.

Alexander's artworks are displayed in 20 personal exhibitions. Most of artworks are in private galleries and private collections in Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Canada, USA, France and other countries. The largest artworks are more than 50 sq.m.

His web site shows many examples of his art work (some in exquisite detail) including his furniture and students work. Please take a look at the few samples of his work here and his workshop and then you must go to Alexander Ochakovskih's web site www.interiormarquetry.com.

You will be amazed by the artistry, detail and wonderful technique of this artist.