Mioko Fukushima

About the Artist:

[Mioko Fukushima (right) & Shozo Sawai (left)] I was introduced to the work of the artist, Ms. Mioko Fukushima by Mr. Shozo Sawai over the Internet. Shozo is pictured here with the artist on his left.

Ms. Fukushima graduated from Tokyo Women's College of Arts. After this she went to England to learn Marquetry technique in 1979. Returning Japan she became an instructor at Yomiuri Academy. She won the prize for artistic merit at the National Exhibition in England organized by the Marquetry Society in 1991. She also won the first prize for the competition class 2 in 1996.

At present, she is producing many works, while serving as the chairperson of the Marquetry Society Japan and spreading the word about Marquetry in Japan as an instructor. "

[Denen-fukei] [Sharaku] [Oshidori]

[Kirashiki] [Shinryoku-no-mizube] [Shuchiku]

[Hagoita-1] [Hagoita-2]

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