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[Marquetry Techniques]

Marquetry Techniques
David Middleton & Alan Townsend
ISBN: 0-7134-68304-0, 1993

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[Marquetry manual]

Marquetry Manual
William A. Lincoln
ISBN 0-9419-3619-8, 1989
Linden Publishing

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[Techniques of Wood Surface Decoration]

Techniques of Wood Surface Decoration
David Hawkins
ISBN 0-8069-6396-4, 1986
Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.

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[Marquetry & Inlay]

Marquetry & Inlay
Alan & Gill Bridgewater
ISBN 0-8306-8426-3 and
0-8306-3426-6, 1991
TAB Books

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[Introducing Marquetry]
Introducing Marquetry
Marie Campkin
ISBN 7134-24230, 1969
B.T. Batsford Ltd.

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[Veneer Craft for Everyone]

Veneer Craft for Everyone
Harry J. Hobbs
ISBN 0-6841-4614-2
Charles Scribner's Sons NY.

[Veneering Simplyfied]

Veneering Simplyfied
Harry Jason Hobbs
ISBN 0-8069-8838-X, 1980
Thames and Hudson, A Sterling Publishing Co. NY

[The Art of Making Elegant Wood Boxes]

The Art of Making Elegant Wood Boxes
Tony Lydgate

[World Woods in Color]

World Woods in Color
William A. Lincoln
ISBN 0-02-572350-2, 1986
Macmillan Publishing Company
866 Third Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10022

[Veneering, Marquetry and Inlay]

Veneering, Marquetry and Inlay
Fine Wood Working
ISBN 1-56158-119-4, 1996
The Taunton Press

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[The Art of Inlay]

The Art of Inlay
Larry Robinson
ISBN 0-87930-332-8, 1994
Miller Freeman Books

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Pierre Ramond
ISBN 0-942391-19-5, 1989
The Taunton Press

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[The Veneering Book]

The Veneering Book
David Shath Square
ISBN 1-56158-093-7, 1995
The Taunton Press

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David Hume
ISBN 0-85532-763-4, 1993
Search Press Limited

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[The Art of Marquetry]

The Art of Marquetry
Craig Vandall Stevens
ISBN 0-7643-0237-X, 1997
Schiffer Publishing Ltd

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[Marquetry and Inlay Picture Making]

Marquetry and Inlay Picture Making
John Angus Eifler
April 1,1997

B&B Rare Woods

[Create an Original Marquetry Picture]

Create an Original Marquetry Picture
James Whitworth
April, 1999

Jamscorp Electrobooks

[Step by Step Inlay Banding]

Step by Step Inlay Banding
Robert F. Loeffler
ISBN 0963238728, 1997
Spiral bound

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[Marquetry: The How-to-do-it Book]

Marquetry: The How-to-do-it Book
Jack Garside, Jack Garide
ISBN 1879511010, 1996

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Art for Dummies
Hoving Thomas
IDG Books Worldwide; ISBN: 0764551043
Paperback - 384 pages (September 1999)

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